About Breaking Our Silence

It’s all about the company you keep and the truth you speak!

This commentary blog is dedicated to sisters and brothers speaking their truth, being conscious and just plain saying “what needs to be said.” Gone are the days of silently sitting, watching, and waiting for someone else to speak for us, at us, about us, to us, or with us. I’m breaking my silence, I hope you will join me. It’s our time.

5 Responses to About Breaking Our Silence

  1. JaneDoe123 says:

    I don’t see anything on this site about what Sarah Palin is saying about Obama. She said in three states that Obama is a friends with terrorists. McCain is getting a campaign ad, linking Obama to Brother Wright! What is going on with this. We can’t let this type of racism be spread by the Republican party. They do not want Obama to win, obviously, but if we understand that. America would not even allow Obama run for president, if he were linked to a terrorist organization. The Patriot Act that was passed, would not allow that! We need to show support for Obama. He needs our support!

  2. Rissa Williams says:

    Shortly before we met, when I was the engineering admin asst at the Delano, one of the line cooks came into my office and had himself a smoke break. At some point, he decide to use the N word in my presence. He first looked around to be sure it was okay. That was the first time I calmly and intelligently informed someone that they could not use that word in my presence, because “someone” was indeed around to hear it. And I’ve never looked back. I broke my silence, and fought ignorance and hatred with peace and love. I’d hate many heated debates before then, but that day I informed him that we were in the workplace and, yes, it was a federal offense.

    There were a lot of white marchers in the civil rights movement. You’re not alone.

  3. Sherice says:

    First thank you for creating a POSITIVE forum for us to connect and share ideas. As a 28 year old Black woman living in the nation’s capital, I’d like to bring an urgent issue to your attention effecting young sisters in the building stage of their careers. Last year I encountered many professional obstacles primarily due to lack of guidance in navigating the ultra-political “real world”. In conversing with others who share my plight, we
    are discouraged by the lack of mentoring opportunities available to women beyond college. Young Black women have much to contribute to society, but without a support circle we often “check out” on our dreams before 30. Can you provide insight?

  4. Cassindine says:

    Gotta a lot to speak about. Love to keep up with you!

  5. Thank you Madame Blanche for providing us with a space and forum in which we can use our voice, exercise our intellect, and increase our awareness in every way possible. Breaking Our Silence is a unique platform that discusses societal issues of importance and allow us to expand within our circles.

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